The Piano Guys:
From YouTube To World Tour
It started six years ago with the four God-fearing men deciding to make music videos for YouTube audiences.  During these years, they developed deep friendships, travelled the world together, and created inspiring ...
Richard Clayderman:
The Prince of Hearts And Romance
He is not merely the world’s best selling pianist. The media calls him the Prince of Hearts and Romance. For 40 years to date, his music and charisma has been conquering the world audience – one listener at a time. Today, with an impressive discography of over 170 albums, Richard Clayderman (MGBH) continues to tour....
Berlinskaia and Ancelle:
Upclose and Personal
These two musicians are equally fascinating as individuals as well as a piano duo. She – Ludmila Berlinskaia (MGBH) – comes from Russian cultural elite, he – Arthur Ancelle (MGBH) – is a self-made Parisian, a seeker of truth at his core.
Darlene Koldenhoven:
The Power To Heal
Darlene Koldenhoven (MGBH), a Grammy Winning Artist, used her piano skills to help advance her career as a singer, music arranger, composer, and producer. She is known globally as the featured soprano soloist in the PBS television special and DVD, “Yanni, Live at the Acropolis”,[2] and in Grammy Winner Ricky Kej’s “Shanti Samsara” concerts/videos in Bangalore, India [3] for environmental consciousness.
Dotan Negrin:
With Piano Around the World
As I was browsing the Internet, page after page, I stumbled upon an interesting phenomenon of a pianist who turned his passion for playing piano into a life journey. Literally. He quit his day job, packed up his piano, grabbed his dog, and got on the road to play piano around the world. Five years fast-forward, here we are, with Dotan Negrin (MGBH) curious about every detail of his inspirational life-changing experience.
Oleg Pereverzev:
From Khazakhstan with Music
When I found Oleg’s (MGBH) performance videos on such shows as Ukraine’s Got Talent, The Minute of Fame, and Britain’s Got Talent, I experienced mixed feelings. The intellectual classical snob in me wanted to say, “Oh, no!”, but in my heart I truly rejoiced as I watched his performances. I also thought to myself, especially after the comment of one of the judges who criticized him so harshly at The Minute of Fame, “Here we are, whispering in dark corners .....
Generation Z:
Interview with Emily Bear
Emily Bear (MGBH) is a young pianist and composer with a beautiful heart. Her enthusiasm for music is inspirational and contagious. A role model for many young girls around the world, she maintains her modesty and sense of direction. Here are some insights into what it’s like to be her.
Michael Allen Harrison and the Ten Grand Extravaganza
He performed for presidents, recorded over 40 albums, his music has been played on space shuttles Endeavor and Discovery. His Snowman Foundation raised over $3 million dollars to provide access to music for all kids. Today he has another creation to present to the world of piano aficionados – the Ten Grands Extravaganza Show. Meet Michael Allen Harrison (MGBH) and get inspired!
The Art of Piano Performance:
Interview with Anna Sutyagina
The Art of Piano Performance is a category in Piano Performer Magazine that features pianists who show outstanding creativity and imagination in engaging audience and presenting musical pieces in innovative ways.   Anna Sutyagina (MGBH), a German piano performer, amazes with her vision, desire, and ability to break the mold of traditional presentation of classical music.
The Piano Duo:
Interview with Anderson/Roe
There are many ways to deliver an piano performance. Playing as a duo is one of them. The fans of the piano world have seen and heard a number of interesting and intriguing duos that bring a different dynamic to perception of performing a piano piece. With this interview of delightful Greg Anderson (MGBH) and Liz Roe (MGBH), our magazine is introducing a new section titled “The Piano Duo.” We look forward to your comments and are open to suggestions for future interviews.
Condoleezza Rice:
Piano In My Life
When one studies piano from childhood and puts effort to excel in this craft, it stays with him (or, in our case – with her) for life, regardless of the occupation she chooses as an adult. Many times an opportunity of continuing with piano professionally is foregone due to limited career choices as a pianist. Nevertheless, once a pianist – always a pianist. Even if one becomes a Secretary of State.
The Art of Piano Performance:
Meet Jarrod Radnich
As Jarrod Radnich (MGBH) was playing, I watched the 12-year-old boy’s eyes filled with amazement and awe. At the end of the performance, the boy exclaimed, “Did you see that!?” I must admit: that 12-year-old boy passed his excitement to me, and once I had a minute to sit down quietly at my desk, I watched all Jarrod’s YouTube videos…. more than once.
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