Esther Basha


Dear Reader,

I am very excited about my new appointment as the Editor-In-Chief of the new project by American Council of Piano Performance – The Piano Performer Magazine!

Before I write, I sit down in prayer asking the Creator to give me the right words to convey my thoughts clearly. Before I sit down to play piano, I pray that the sounds evoked by my fingers are pleasing to Him and others around me.  Sound has a tremendous effect on us and our environment.  The Japanese studies by Masaru Emoto (OBM) about effects of sounds on water repeatedly showed beautiful crystal formations after saying good words and playing good music and disfigure crystals in the opposite situation. We, human beings, are made 60% out of water, and what we hear can affect us positively or not. As musicians, our job is to remember to develop and cultivate the healing power of sound and teach others about its effects.

The community of piano professionals is amazing, powerful, and multifaceted. In the past few months, during my LinkedIn connection outreach to pianists, piano teachers, administrators, composers, music therapists, and healers, I met some fascinating people from all corners of the world.  They impressed me with their talent and accomplishments, but more so, with their kindness and convictions.
Our staff and myself hope to introduce many of them to you in our upcoming issues.
We hope that you will find the articles in Piano Performer Magazine relevant, engaging, and easy to read.

We welcome your feedback, topic suggestions, subject nominations, and are always interested in working with talented writers.


May the piano community thrive and flourish in fulfilling its mission of bringing positive vibrations of music to the rest of the world!


With My Warmest Wishes,

Esther Basha
Piano Performer Magazine