Featured Interview:
Arthur Rubinstein, "If You Love Life, It Will Love You Back!"
It's been over thirty years since one of the most interesting pianists has left this world, but there will always be those curious about him not only as a pianist, but also as a human being - his personality and his character.
Upclose and Personal
These two musicians are equally fascinating as individuals as well as a piano duo. She - Ludmila Berlinskaia (MGBH) - comes from Russian cultural elite, he - Arthur Ancelle (MGBH) - is a self-made Parisian, a seeker of truth at his core.  
Generation Z:
Interview with Umi Garrett
Not every California teenage pianist gets a title of the Young Steinway Artist.  Umi Garrett (MGBH) became one at 13.  A recipient of many acclaimed piano awards, she was only nine years old when she recorded and released her first album, Just For You.  
The Art of Piano Performance:
Michael Allen Harrison
and Ten Grands Extravaganza
He performed for presidents, recorded over 40 albums, his music has been played on space shuttles Endeavor and Discovery.
Today he has another creation to present to the world of piano afficionados...
The Circuit:
Gilmore Keyboard Festival
Probably one of the most well-known and established international keyboard festivals in the US, the Gilmore's brings an opportunity to connect the most prominent members of the global piano community with the audience and share their newest repertoire.  
The Piano Brain:
Teacher Questions In The Music Lesson
Have you ever thought about the role of questions in your music lessons? Whilst teacher questions serve to check for understanding, the most important benefit is that they engage the student in thinking to a much greater degree than do instructions.
Piano In Film: Casablanca
Did you know?
Remember the famous phrase by Humphrey Bogart's (OBM) character, "Play it, Sam! Play "As The Time Goes By"?
That same piano that Sam played in the movie was sold in 2014 for $3,400,000.00 at the Boham's Auction House in New York City to a private individual.
Not too shabby for an old upright piano, is it?
The Venues: Philarmonie De Paris - Grand Salle Pierre Boulez
Located in the Parc de la Villete at the northeastern edge of city is the Paris Philharmonic, or, as the locals call it, Philharmonie De Paris. It consists of two parts that compliment each other – Philharmonie 2, originally named the City of Music, and Philharmonie 1, the newest addition to the complex.
Comparing Notes:
Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes
The famous Stars and Stripes March was written by Philip Sousa (OBM) in 1896 for the Unites States Marine Band.  In his autobiography, "Marching Along", Sousa wrote that he composed the March on Christmas Day 1896.  
The Piano Crossword
This Piano Crossword Section was created with you in mind. Whether you feel like being challenged or just need a coffee break, we hope you enjoy the crossword and share it with your colleagues, friends or students.


Esther Basha (MGBH)
Monica Salucci (MGBH)
Tanya Levy (MGBH)
John Bardham (MGBH)
Erika Molts (MGBH)
Esther Basha
Alex Davydovich (MGBH)
Tanya Levy


Michael Griffin (MGBH)
Lisa Marie Mazzucco (MGBH)
Silva Rotelli (MGBH)
Felix Broede (MGBH)

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