Featured Interview:
The Piano Guys -
From YouTube To World Tour
It started six years ago with the four God-fearing men deciding to make music videos for YouTube audiences.  During these years, they developed deep friendships, travelled the world together, and created inspiring ...
Carles and Sophia
Four hands. Two people. One career.
One family. One life.
Carles Lama (MGBH) and Sofia Cabruja (MGBH), one of Europe's most respected piano duos, have managed to build their career without compromising family life.  Their charitable efforts got them an official UNICEF Award, and ...
Interview with Asiya Korepanova
She was home schooled by her mother until she was 10 years old. Performed on stage with an orchestra when she was 9. She is a composer, a poet, and an organizer of the Festival Baltimore. Take a sneak peak into her world.
Generation Z:
Interview with Harmony Zhu
She lives in a small town in New Jersey, has a parakeet named Mozart, loves ice-cream, chess, and bird-duck-goose-watching.
Other than that, she is just an ordinary child prodigy. Have we gotten your attention yet?
famous quotes:

“I pay no attention whatever
to anybody's praise or blame.
I simply follow my own feelings.”

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (OBM)
Comparing Notes:
Moonlight Sonata
Dedicated to his love interest -a 17-year-old Austrian countess Julietta Guicciardi (OBM), who was also briefly one of his students, the first movement of Moonlight Sonata has travelled through time and been played by each subsequent's centuries' most prominent players.  
The Piano Brain:
Reading Music
In the West, reading musical notation is probably the most common method of learning and performing music. Nevertheless, some musicians are more practiced at playing without musical notation than with it...
Piano In Film:
Immortal Beloved
With a prior background in piano, upon learning that he would play the lead role, the famous British actor Gary Oldman (MGBH), spent six weeks practicing Beethoven's pieces for six hours a day in his hotel and completely immersed himself in the music as his research for the character - Ludwig van Beethoven (OBM).
The Piano Crossword
Our Summer Issue Piano Crossword Section is dedicated to the memory of Christoph Gluck (OBM), whose birthday we celebrate on July 2nd.
Whether you feel like being challenged or just need a coffee break, we hope you enjoy the crossword and share it with your colleagues, friends or students.


Esther Basha (MGBH)
Monica Salucci (MGBH)
Tanya Levy (MGBH)
John Bardham (MGBH)
Erika Molts (MGBH)
Esther Basha
Alex Davydovich (MGBH)
Tanya Levy


Michael Griffin (MGBH)
Josh Rossi (MGBH)
Heather Mee (MGBH)
Emil Matveev (MGBH)

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