Featured Article: A Tribute to Alice Herz-Sommer
She looks at us from the screen
And gives us the sweetest smile.
She says, “Life is a present.
Music is my religion.
And piano saved my life.”
Generation Z:
Interview with Emily Bear
Emily Bear (MGBH) is a young pianist and composer with a beautiful heart. Her enthusiasm for music is inspirational and contagious. A role model for many young girls around the world....
Piano In Film: Lala Land
Did you know that to play Sebastian in the movie "LaLa Land," Ryan Gosling (MGBH) took
jazz piano lessons for four months in a row
six days a week three hours a day to be able to play piano
in the the way he did?
“In what other job is it a part of your job
to just sit behind a piano for three months and play?
It was really one of the most fulfilling preproduction
periods I’ve ever had," said Ryan Gosling in one of his interviews.
AND ALL THAT JAZZ: Interview with Shelly Berg
The talent of Shelly Berg (MGBH), the 21st century jazz pianist is unique. Like many talented people, he is talented in everything. Throughout his career he equally managed succeed as a jazz musician, an educator, a composer, a music administrator, and an entrepreneur. But most importantly, he succeeded in becoming a man of integrity and character.
With the new section titled "On The Rise," Piano Performer Magazine features new upcoming artists with intriguing performance style. The first one in the series is Fabio Martino (MGBH) - a Brazilian pianist living in Germany, a winner of over 20 international and national piano competitions. Here is his story.
The Van Cliburn Competition has been one of the most prestigious and well-organized ones in the music industry. We reached out to Mr. Jaques Marquis (MGBH), the President and CEO of Van Cliburn Foundation to ask him a few questions.
Revisiting History: Maria Szymanowska - The Polish Pioneer
Acknowledged by the Grove Dictionary of Music for occupying 'an important position in the history of Polish music before Chopin', the name of Maria Szymanowska (OBM) may be familiar to students and teachers of today. Born in 1789, she carved out a career for herself as a professional concert pianist and a composer...
Venues: Disney Hall
Built relatively recently, the Walt Disney Concert Hall downtown Los Angeles, CA opened its doors on September 24th, 2003. It catches the eye not only with its sail-like exterior, but also with the beautiful and breezy interior. It's no surprise as the hall was designed by the two very talented men - the architect Frank Gehry (MGBH) and a master acoustician Matsuhiso Toyota (MGBH).
THE PIANO BRAIN: The Metacognitive Piano Teacher
In addition to enhancing musical progress, the ultimate objective for teachers is to gradually become unnecessary in the learning lives of their students. Metacognition is that wonderful learning stage when the learner drives the learning. An umbrella term, metacognition means “thinking about our thinking.”


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To Eammon McCabe for providing
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