A little boy's dream... takes him so far -
Miles away from home.
He follows the heart,
He follows his art.

He spends hours... in solitude..
Practicing the piano.
So that we could
Listen to the divine sounds
Of Mozart and Chopin.

* * *

Beautiful in appearance,
Sensitive emotionally,
He strikes us with originality
Of his artistic performance.

His fingers play
While his face talks to
Invisible friends of Beethoven,
The dancing fairies of Sibelius,
And the characters of the suite of Prokofiev.

* * *

He smiles and laughs with them,
He cries and prays for them,
He dreams their dreams
And shares visions of them with his audience.

May God bless you, oh, pianist!
With the gifts you deserve
And with those you don't.
May your soul fulfill
The mission it came
To accomplish
In this beautiful world.

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